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Songza tells press it has "significantly more" than 2 million active listeners

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 3:20pm

Webcaster Songza now has $3.8 million more to build their business, following their latest round of funding. TechCrunch reported Sunday on the relevant SEC filing, and that Amazon is an "unconfirmed investor."

Songza is the service that offers different channels of music based on listeners' activities, moods, and time of day (a feature that Clear Channel pretty much copied with its "Perfect For" iHeartRadio feature it added in January). The service was launched by the team behind ("crowd-priced" MP3s), of which Amazon was an investor. 

Billboard says last June Pandora stocks "dropped 11.2% over two trading days shedding some $208 million of market value after BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield warned in a blog post that Pandora investors should be worried by the sudden rise of Songza." By July, Songza reportedly had 2 million active listeners, but CEO/cofounder Elias Roman tells Billboard that number is now significantly higher.

In August, investors put $1.5 million into Songza. Other recent successful webcaster investment rounds (from Billboard) include Earbits,, Senzari ($3 million), and TuneIn ($16 million).

Read more from TechCrunch here. The SEC document is here. Here's Billboard's coverage.

New iHeartRadio functions include finding stations based on mood and activity

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 11:15am

Today Clear Channel announced new functionality for its iHeartRadio Internet radio platform,  including a feature that allows users to choose listening options based on their moods or activities.

This new feature, called "Perfect For," (screenshot at right) bears a striking resemblance to webcaster Songza's "Music Concierge," (screenshot below) which the independent webcast service launched in March (see our coverage here). 

"Perfect For" allows iHeartRadio listeners to "browse through a menu of moods and activities perfect for a particular day and time." Based on their choice, the feature then suggests appropriate options from "hundreds of carefully curated stations."

Clear Channel says, "Early morning users may see station suggestions perfect for waking up – like 'Caffeinated Country: Gourmet Roasted in Nashville' and evening weekday users may see stations to help them wind down – like 'Ambien-T: Ambient Music, Prescription Strength.'"

The new function "will also suggest live radio stations from iHeartRadio’s catalog of over 1,500 stations from across the country to users based off of the mood or activity they select. The feature launches today with thousands of new stations, and many more to be added daily." Clear Channels says "Perfect For" will initially be available for iPhones and PCs, but users can save stations on these devices and access them via any device where iHeartRadio is available. The feature will be available on other mobile and tablet devices soon.

Also new, iHeartRadio has added a new alarm clock feature which will give users the ability to utilize the service as an alarm clock or to set reminders.

Songza gaining traction in Canada since August launch

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 9:00am

Today Songza has announced that since its August launch in Canada (here), they've exceeded 900,000 iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad installs in Canada, accounting for the majority of the over 160,000,000 streams served so far to one million registered users there. And, according to company metrics, the average time per visit for Canadians is 3.66% longer than that of U.S. listeners.

Songza is the webcaster known for its "music concierge" interface that offers playlists based on the time of day and a listener's likely activities.

Songza reveals that when listeners browse by "Mood," "Mellow" is the top choice on both sides of the 49th Parallel. (Americans’ next most-popular mood category is "Happy," while Canadians’ is "Sexual.") The top "Activity" stations for both Americans and Canadians are Working- and studying-related; but the third most popular for Canadians is "Cardio Workouts" while it's "Partying" in the U.S.

Webcaster Songza comes to Canada; available on Sonos devices now too

Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 1:20pm

The webcast service Songza, known for its "music concierge" interface that offers playlists based on the time of day and your likely activities, launched in Canada this week. The free service is now available to Canadians on the Web, Apple and Android mobile, plus home streaming device Sonos (see below).

Though the Internet is a global marketplace, many webcast services aren't available outside their home country due to the difficulty in negotiating licensing with copyright owners around the world.

Songza worked with Canada's music licensing company Re:Sound to secure the necessary licenses to stream to a Canadian audience (an audience, by the way, with a significantly high broadband and smartphone penetration, as well as the relative lack of other streaming options).

Sonos owners (that includes those in the U.S. as well) can now access Songza on their devices, and "Songza's music concierge goes a step further so that you can choose a playlist based on rooms in your home."

By the way, Sonos has also announced availability of Amazon's new Cloud Player music storage service on the device.

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