Lifestyle magazine Monocle launches 24/7 webcast modeled on BBC World Service

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 12:05pm

Monocle 24 showsMonocle magazine publisher Tyler Brûlé has invested in a full studio suite and hired 22 people to staff his new 24-hour Internet radio service, Monocle 24. Brûlé styled the new webcast after the legendary BBC World Service, saying, "We are hoping to create a station which follows the tradition of the great Commonwealth broadcasters. It’s no surprise that we have drawn a lot of great people from the BBC World Service."

The webcast mixes talk radio (four live shows a day, and ondemand) and music, with news updates at the top of the hour. Listeners can also access news and national weather on demand, geo-targeted (we heard weather reports for various parts of the U.S.).

According to The Telegraph, Brûlé decided to start the radio service following the success of the Monocle Weekly podcasts. Over three years, the free, 45-minute shows were downloaded up to 650,000 times per month.

"We will also be making documentaries too. No commercial radio station will cover the ground we are going to be charting and it will be done very differently to the BBC," he said. "The web has pulled down traditional radio’s costly barriers to entry. We have invested heavily in both our people and facilities, but we have also signed up a roster of premium advertisers [Rolex and J. Crew to start] – making the service profitable from day one."

Monocle is a highly-regarded, London-based magazine and website which launched in 2007. According to its Wikipedia entry, "the magazine provides a globalist perspective on issues as fashion, international affairs and design."

Read The Telegraph's coverage here.

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