"Gen Y young enough to value mobile, old enough to afford it," says eMarketer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 1:15pm

Millenials (or "Gen Y") -- 24- to 32-year-olds -- are the leading U.S. age demo using mobile devices, reports eMarketer (from Forrester research). The group has the highest ownership rate of mobile phones (97%) and smartphones (72%).

This age group is also the only generation more likely to own an iPhone than less-expensive handsets. In the study, there was no stronger manufacturer/age demo correlation.

A separate study from Flurry shows a similar age group (25-34) has the greatest percentage of those who use smartphone apps (33%) and tablet apps (26%).

"Members of Generation Y are young enough to value smartphones but old enough to be able to buy them, suggesting that they will be smartphone power users for years to come," explains eMarketer.

Pandora was the only webcaster to rank in the Top 10 Mobile Properties of 2012. It was the #6 top U.S. Android app in 2012, as ranked by the number of monthly average unique users, says eMarketer. It's 10.7 million put it ahead of Twitter (the fastest-growing Android app), but was just more than one-third #5 YouTube's 32.2 million. Google Search was 2012's top Android app.

Pandora ranked #9 (9.6 million average uniques per month in 2012) on the iPhone, slightly behind Twitter.

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