Mercedes and Acura unveil in-car web radio systems

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 11:00am

Mercedes' A-Class dashboard systemMercedes and Acura have unveiled new in-car entertainment systems that include web radio integration.

Mercedes-Benz's entertainment system for their A-Class (pictured) includes dashboard support for AUPEO! radio (like Pandora for Europe, more here and here). The platform can also be controlled using an iPhone's Siri system. Other highlights include "an iPad-like floating display screen."

Meanwhile, Acura has announced the 2013 RDX's entertainment system will include Pandora integration. Acura will also offer, as an add-on, a 60GB hard drive built-in to the RDX.

Both manufacturer's systems require a connected smartphone, and -- as both include Bluetooth audio support -- should be able to play just about any web radio service.

CNet has more coverage on the Mercedes A-Class here and Motor Trend has more on Acura here.

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