Industry announcements from Livio, Abacast, StreamGuys, Triton Digital, and more

Monday, June 10, 2013 - 12:15pm

Here are some new developments from industry firms (who aren't Apple) we think you may find interesting:

Livio has announced Livio Keys and the FM Traffic Button, two new products they say can generate new revenue for car manufacturers and app developers. Livio Keys is a "communication solution" that links carmakers and software developers with tools and customizable services. The FM Traffic Button uses code added to an embedded app on an in-dash infotainment system to provide up-to-the-minute, on-demand traffic reports for U.S. markets.

Abacast has announced a new partnership with Cue.AD, the first Israeli ad network for digital radio. The deal, says, Abacast, will provide that nation's first solution for digital radio broadcasters and advertisers along with a complete online radio streaming and monetization service.

Industry research firm Reportlinker has a new study out called "Global Internet Radio Industry," which it says provides comprehensive analytics for the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and more, with annual estimates and forecasts for 2010-2018. The report covers 45 companies like Pandora, Clear Channel, Slacker, Rhapsody, SomaFM, Digitally Imported, and AccuRadio. Read more (and purchase the report) here.

StreamGuys will now support the open-source Ogg Opus codec, which it says will give webcasters more options for high-quality, low-latency audio streaming. The Ogg Opus codec is free to use, offers broadcast-quality reproduction, and doesn't lag behind real-time broadcasting (like streaming MP3 can).

Triton Digital announced it's successfully deployed its Advertising Platform including Ad Injector to Sao Paulo, Brazil-based broadcaster Kiss Telecomunicações LTDA.

Marketron has expanded its partnership with Saga Communications. The broadcaster will now use Marketron's Insight reporting product, Proof of Performance, and Network Connect.

Townsquare expands its deal with Marketron

Monday, February 4, 2013 - 1:15pm

Media business software provider Marketron and broadcaster Townsquare Media have announced "an expanded, multi-year and multi-million dollar agreement" for Marketron's Mediascape and other software (for billing, orders, traffic, and more).

Townsquare owns 243 stations in 51 U.S. markets.

Marketron buys Emmis Interactive

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 12:15am

Marketron announced today its purchase of Emmis Interactive, the new media technology and consulting division of Emmis Communications.

Marketron's own Marketron Interactive division will absorb the Emmis Interactive software and services, and retain the executive team of Deborah Esayian and Rey Mena. Emmis Communications will continue as a Marketron customer, and retains an economic interest in Marketron's product and service offerings.

Marketron provides business software solutions and services to more than 7,000 media organizations, managing an estimated $15 billion dollars of annual advertising revenue.

Read the press release here.

RAIN's bite-sized news round-up

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 9:00am

Bite-sized newsAs usual when conventions roll 'round, there's a steadily-building flood of news pouring from all sides of the industry. Here's a run-through of some of that news, served up in convenient bite-size chunks:

  • SiriusXM has updated its Android app with the on-demand and offline playback features it introduced back in early August. You can find more from Engadget here and our original coverage of SiriusXM's new interactive features here.
  • A new forecast from BIA/Kelsey pins U.S. spending on web daily deals at $3.6 billion for 2012. That's a 86.9% jump over 2011. BIA/Kelsey expects a further 23% growth next year. Find out more from BIA/Kelsey here.
  • TuneIn has announced new partnerships with more than 20 broadcasters, including Public Radio International (PRI), C-SPAN Radio, ABC Australia, mvyradio, WFMU, the Hearst Corporation and others.
  • Crowdsourced radio service Jelli names Pollack Media Group chairman/CEO Jeff Pollack to its strategic advisory board. Pollack says Jelli's potential to "drive ratings, share and revenue growth is impressive." All Access has more coverage here.
  • Marketron has relaunched its online client portal MyMarketron, which it originally debuted in May 2011. Marketron says more than 3,500 members are using the service, which now includes an extensive support knowledgebase. You can find Marketron's press release here.

Radio Ink's Rhoads says Haley, a champion for digital, left RAB out of frustration

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 11:45am

Radio Ink publisher Eric Rhoads (pictured) blogged yesterday on the passing of the torch at the Radio Advertising Bureau from (newly-appointed Marketron CEO) Jeff Haley to (former publisher-CEO of Radio & Records) Erica Farber. His point: Haley left out of frustration at a radio industry unwilling or unable to come to grips with the reality of a digital future.

Rhoads remembers hearing Haley comment at the Convergence radio conference last year: "It's a shame that the entire industry is not here to hear the importance of bridging the digital world and radio. This is probably the most important thing they could attend, and yet only the early adopters are here."

With digital as Haley's primary initiative for radio, Rhoads pins Haley's frustration on the radio industry's "deep resistance to change." Rhoads writes, "We are in an industry under attack. Sadly, many of you are still running FotoMats in the age of digital cameras. And many don't know what they don't know. Unless we as an industry, at every level, invest deeply in this digital mission Jeff Haley was pushing, we will be left in the dust."

Eric Rhoads' blog is worth a read, here. Also, for more on Marketron naming Jeff Haley president and CEO, click here. Finally, the Radio Ink Convergence event is June 4 & 5 in Silicon Valley. More info here.

Marketron Mobile counts 1,950 affiliates for mobile programming platform and ad service

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 11:35am

Marketron has announced that its mobile programming platform and ad service Marketron Mobile is now licensed by 1,950 radio stations, driven by the addition of more than 1,200 new stations in the last year alone. Marketron counts among its radio clients Cumulus Media, ESPN, Radio One, and the Beasley Broadcast Group.

Marketron Mobile runs more than 18-thousand ad campaigns a month, with ad clients like Harley Davidson, Heineken, and Microsoft.

Gary Rozynek, CEO of Maverick Media, commented, "Using Marketron Mobile we have been able to extend mobile from a programming tool to a new revenue generation tool that has accelerated our digital revenue growth."

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