Pandora continued to build audience in March

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 12:50pm

According to Pandora's own figures, the webcaster streamed nearly 1.5 billion hours of content last month, a 40% jump from March of 2012. Pandora's February 2013 listening hours were just under 1.4 billion.

Pandora's "active listener" total went from 67.7 million to 69.5 million during March, a 36% increase from 51.2 million in March of last year.

Finally, going forward Pandora says it will report its "share of total U.S. radio listening" figure on a trailing 28-day basis as of the end of the month (previous reports used a trailing 7-day basis as of the end of the month). Pandora also says it will revise past share figures so comparisons can be made with future figures. The webcaster reports its share of U.S. radio listening in March 2013 was 8.05%.

Our coverage of Pandora's February 2013 listening report is here. Pandora SVP/Ad Sales Steven Kritzman will appear on our "Profiting from Mobile" panel, and Pandora VP/Engineering Chris Martin will take part in our "Accelerating Your Audience Growth" discussion at RAIN Summit West, this Sunday in Las Vegas. Pandora will also sponsor our ever-popular RAIN Reader Cocktail Party to conclude the event.

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