Manolo Espinosa

Espinosa: SoundCloud a valuable tool for spoken word content, not just music

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:50pm

Manolo EspinosaWeb service SoundCloud is aiming to be the "YouTube of audio" and for most users who have come across the service, that means music. But SoundCloud Head of Audio Manolo Espinosa (and RAIN Summit Dallas panelist, more here) sees potential in spoken word content too.

For example, there's opportunities for journalists. And not just radio folks used to dealing in audio content. Espinosa points to Supreme Court coverage as being primarily audio and "encourages journalists to use SoundCloud like they use Twitter, to broadcast stray thoughts or to include interview clips or other sound content left on the cutting-room floor."

Beyond SoundCloud's usefulness for broadcasters and other journalists, Espinosa hopes to convince "audiences that sharing and preserving sound is as worthy an endeavor for everyday people as it is for musicians, podcasters and radio stations," writes Fast Company (here).

Manolo Espinosa will join us for RAIN Summit Dallas in September, speaking on the "Social Radio" panel alongside Triton Digital's Jim Kerr and Jelli's Mike Doughterty. You can find out more about the Summit and register to attend here.

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