Los Blancos

New York's Hot 97 to debut web TV series

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 12:00pm

Los BlancosEmmis' New York CHR station WQHT ("Hot 97") tomorrow launches a new web TV series called "Los Blancos." The weekly series will consist of 5-6 minute webisodes, focused on "the tale of two sisters who have taken on the responsibility of running their own family-owned cocaine business."

Inside Radio reports, "Emmis hopes to ultimately distribute season one of 'Los Blancos' as a continuous story arc for a one-hour cable TV show." Though a web-based TV series is hardly "typical fare for a radio station," it isn't new for WQHT. In 2010, the station launched "The Wizards NYC," a weekly web TV reality show starring station personalities.

"Online video is a great way to continue to curate content and create a rich media experience for our audience,” said Lin Dai, Emmis-New York and the Loud Digital Network VP of digital programming and entertainment. “Radio needs to think of itself as a cross-platform media company.”

You can find out more about "Los Blancos" from WQHT's website here. You can subscribe for Inside Radio's daily newsletters here.

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