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Facebook rolls out "Listen With" feature enabling friends to join in listening to streams in real time

Friday, January 13, 2012 - 12:25pm

Facebook has just launched a new feature called that gives users a "chatroom-like" environment in which to listen to music together.

The "Listen With" feature enable users to play DJ and let Facebook friends join them in listening to the tunes they're streaming via Spotify or Rdio. It's the newest feature of Facebook's real-time sharing Open Graph.

(Facebook users know they can already see what they're friends are listening to and click a link to hear the same song. But this new feature allows you to "tune in" and listen together in a "unified virtual environment.")

Sounds like, no? Mashable writes, "Multiple people will be able to listen in on one friend’s music, and the entire group will be able chat together... it’s a lot like without the avatars or the 'awesome' button.

Read Facebook's announcement on their blog here; read Mashable's coverage here.

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