The Media Audit report shows public radio websites power stations' metro reach

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:00am

Adding the unique visitors of public radio KQED-FM's website over the past 30 days to the station's listening audience over the past seven days, says The Media Audit, "results in a 28.6% total unduplicated reach for the combined radio and website audiences -- the highest of any public radio station measured."

The figures come from The Media Audit's latest National Radio Format Report.

KOBP-FM has the second highest unduplicated radio/web reach, 27.4% of the Portland, OR metro. Its website alone, says The Media Audit, reaches nearly 22% of the Portland metro population monthly. This makes it tops among public radio websites. KQED's site reaches 18.5% of San Jose's metro population every month, and nearly 19% of San Francisco's.

With 19.9% of the Salt Lake City metro area's population having visited its site in the past 30 days is KBYU-FM. Adding the station's past 7-day listening audience gives KBYU a nearly 24% total unduplicated reach for the combined radio and website audiences.

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