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NPR Music a growing, thriving musical showcase created by radio

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 1:00pm

The Wall Street Journal calls NPR Music -- the music-centric website and multi-media service from NPR -- "a sought-after stop for both aspiring and established artists. More broadly, it has become a rising power in the music industry... (and a) serious contender for the ears and eyeballs of music lovers on the Web."

Given what's said about traditonal radio companies and their utility as a source of new music curation these days, that's quite a compliment.

The service boasts 2.7 million unique monthly visitors, 1.4 million podcast downloads every four weeks, plus 1.4 million iPhone and iPad apps installations. And the service nearly breaks even on its $3 million annual budget.

NPR Music features include the "Tiny Desk Concert" series, "First Listen" streams of forthcoming albums in their entirety, the "Live in Concert" series, and the weekly "All Songs Considered," a 6- to 8-song playlist of its hosts' favorite new music. NPR Music also plans to launch "personal music streams" created by DJs from NPR affiliate stations and throughout the public radio system, as a way to "corral the music discovery that's happening on the station level."

The five-year-old NPR Music service is "the closest thing we have to a pure startup inside what is now a 40-plus- year-old institution," NPR EVP/Chief Content Officer Kinsey Wilson told The Journal."This group of now roughly 20 people has had an opportunity to invent something from scratch.", the parent website, is currently sixth for online-listening among Triton Digital's Webcast Metrics rankings. NPR Music accounts for 15% of NPR's streaming audience.

Read The Wall Street Journal's profile of NPR Music here. to deliver in-depth local coverage to web, mobile, and radio

Friday, July 27, 2012 - 12:20pm

NPR announced today its involvement with a new University of New Orleans venture to create a "multimedia newsroom" for in-depth local news for the Crescent City. will be a news website and mobile platform, with a presence on WWNO radio, the public station owned and operated by the university. It will reportedly be run by a staff of 10 to 20 producing news for the web, tablet, smart phone, social media, and radio. The site will also feature and link to other local, national and world news.

NPR, which is consulting WWNO on tech infrastructure and online revenue generation, says it hopes to have the new site live by year's end.

As an "open source," operation, all of NewOrleansReporter's content will be available for free to other local and national news outlets. In fact, the operation's success will be measured in part by how much of its content gets "picked up" elsewhere.

New Orleans, no stranger to hardship, will soon be the largest city in the U.S. without a daily print newspaper. The Times-Picayune announced earlier this year that it will print just three days a week beginning in fall.

"What we are seeing play out in New Orleans, with the Times-Picayune, is a scene we have seen repeated over and over in a lot of communities as newspapers have fallen on hard times," NPR EVP/chief content officer Kinsey Wilson told The Wall Street Journal. "[Newspapers'] weakening and sometimes collapse is leaving communities with a real information deficit. In broad terms, we have seen this as being an opportunity for public radio to be one of the emerging players, as the news business is rebuilt." (RAIN readers may remember Wilson as the keynote speaker at RAIN Summit West in 2010.)

NPR's press release explains, "The objective of the University and its partners is to create a strong, sustainable model for nonprofit, multimedia journalism that will serve the greater New Orleans area as an open source of trustworthy news and information for decades to come."

Read Wall Street Journal coverage here.

NPR management shift includes a promotion for Kinsey Wilson

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 11:00am

NPR's new executive structure, designed as "a unified and strategic approach... in radio and in digital and in the Web — and in all the mobile applications where NPR finds its content," includes naming Kinsey Wilson EVP/Chief Content Officer.

NPR President and CEO Gary Knell announced Kinsey's promotion today (those are his words quoted above), along with naming Margaret Low Smith SVP/News on a permanent basis. Wilson (pictured), as GM of NPR Digital Media, was the RAIN Summit West keynote speaker in 2010 (announced here).

"Radio is not going away, radio is going everywhere," said Knell, who replaced Vivian Schiller as NPR CEO in December, following her March 2011 departure.

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