january 2013

Pandora reports January listening flat, slightly fewer active listeners

Monday, February 11, 2013 - 12:15pm

While Pandora's 1.39 billion hours of listening last month is 47% higher than January 2012 (952 million), it's exactly what they reported for December, making it a rare report of anything other than explosive growth for the leading webcaster.

In fact, Pandora reports slightly fewer "active listeners" in January, 65.6 million, than in December, 67.1 million. That's still 38% higher than in January 2012 (47.6 million).

Pandora's self-reported "share of total U.S. radio listening" did increase last month, from 7.19% in December to 8.03%, an indication that radio listening across platforms is down in January.

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