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Don't blame the platform, when bad content and lack of promotion are at fault, argues Cridland

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 11:00am

Radio's "futurologist" James Cridland had to bust out the "spicy" language to make his point (which we think is a pretty ****ing valid one). James spoke at the Jacobs Media Tech Summit in Baltimore this week (see Tom Taylor's "zingers" section yesterday in Radio-Info.com), and clarifies a point he made there in his blog today.James Cridland

Cridland took exception to the idea that a delivery platform -- HD Radio in this case -- could be at fault for an underperforming brand. To paraphrase, the reason nobody’s listening to your HD2 channel isn’t that HD Radio is s**t, it’s that your HD2 channel is s**t.

"It is not a discussion about platform – it’s a discussion about content," Cridland wrote. "And, as I regularly say, you may have good reasons why you have chosen not to be on a given platform, but that doesn’t give you licence to slag it off, because that’s bad for radio listeners and radio advertisers."

Interestingly, the point came out of Cridland's attempts to sample WMMR/Philadelphia HD-2, MMaRchives, which also streams online. And Cridland doesn't really have any problem with the content of that actual channel -- but the fact that it was so hard to find led to his conclusion that the lack of listening to the channel is a result of lack of promotional support by the station. 

"If you tell nobody about a new station, bury it four screens down in an unintuitive place on the website, and don’t tell anyone how to tune in, it’s unfair to blame the platform for your failure to promote a service well," Cridland suggests. Read his blog here.

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