Outside of monster Pandora share, San Diego listened to close to 5,000 different sources of Net radio in May

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 12:50pm

Triton Digital chief strategy officer Patrick Reynolds spoke at last week's Hivio conference in San Diego, and revealed some interesting stats on that city's Internet radio listening.

According to Reynolds, in May about two-thirds of the market's online listening was to Pandora (Pandora's April AAS was about 72% of the entire Webcast Metrics Top 20's in the "Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12M" ranker.) The other one-third of San Diego's online listening not going to Pandora was shared across an astounding 4,754 different sources, including a good number of commercial broadcasters from outside the market (from all over the country, according to Reynolds). 

San Diego in May had a 5,126 "AAS" (Average Active Sessions, or the average number of streaming listeners at any given moment during the month). Focusing only on the 6a-8p daypart, that number was about 9,500.

Listeners in the market tuned in on 60 different devices, which included smartphones, gaming consoles, and desktop Internet tuners.

Inside Radio reported on Reynolds' comments from the Hivio conference.

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