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Heidi & Frank, vets of L.A. airwaves and the Internet, to replace Mark & Brian on KLOS

Monday, August 20, 2012 - 1:10pm

News is just breaking at press time the KLOS/Los Angeles will replace the long-running Mark & Brian show with L.A. veterans Heidi & Frank, beginning September 4th.

Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer have worked in the market on Clear Channel KYSR and CBS Radio KLSX. After losing their show at Cumulus KABC in September 2010, the two launched “The Heidi and Frank Show” online the following month, reported Paid Content by January 2011. By that time they built a subscriber base of “well over 6,000” customers paying $5/month or $50/year for on-demand audio and video content, plus a 2-hour live show weekday mornings (see our coverage here), mostly through tenacious productivity and social media efforts.

In April of last year the two spoke of their experience at RAIN Summit West (more here).

Here's more on the arrival of Heidi & Frank on KLOS from AllAccess

Longtime KLOS morning stars each to launch Internet shows with new partners

Monday, August 20, 2012 - 1:10pm

It turns out KLOS-FM/Los Angeles morning hosts Mark & Brian (Mark Thompson, left and Brian Phelps, right) have both left the airwaves, and both are launching podcasts.

Thompson had long planned to retire Friday after nearly 25 years (it was the longest-running active morning show in L.A.), but in a surprise development, Phelps also announced his plan to immediately leave the airwaves -- and launch a podcast with actress and comedian Jill Whelan (known from roles in "Airplane!" and "The Love Boat"). The two plan to launch "The Brian and Jill Show" September 10.

Thompson is starting his own podcast, "The Mark and Lynda Podcast," co-starring his wife and their three grown children.

We've reported in RAIN (and often brought to RAIN Summits) various former on-air legends who've retooled their craft for a streaming and/or podcast presentation, like Adam Carolla, Steve Dahl, Bubba the Love Sponge, Heidi and Frank, and Tom Leykis.

Read more on Mark & Brian in the Los Angeles Times here.  And speaking of Heidi and Frank...

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