Latin music-centric webcaster goes the "Pandora/iHeartRadio" route with user-generated stations

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 1:30pm

Webcaster has rolled out a beta version of its new site, which is now centered around user-created stations based on a song title, artist name, or genre.

While the parent media company Batanga is based in the U.S. (and targets its products mainly to U.S. Hispanics, but Mexico, Brazil, and the rest of Latin America as well), the webcaster is one of its holdings, based in Spain.

Batanga's older presentation (still available as "Batanga Classic") was focused on dozens of pre-programmed genre-based channels of music (mostly Latin). Now, with the beta redesign, the front page of the site is sparse, with a single background color, and the increasingly-ubiquitous single search field (a la Pandora and Google) right in the middle (beneath a logo and positioning statement). Visitors are invited to "Write an artist, song or genre to create a station...". A link at the bottom leads to a page of dozens of "pre-mixed" genre stations.

Once a genre or artist station is launched (overlayed on to some beautiful photography, and copious ads for the Batanga mobile apps), the listener can both add songs or artists to the stream, or "narrow the list" by genre, country, gender, "tipo de artista" (duet, duo, group, solo), language, decade, and lyrical content advisory.

Check out the new here.

Spotify expands radio-like features for U.S. users

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 8:00am

Spotify's new genre-based radio offeringsOn-demand music service Spotify has made its 27 genre-based radio-like streams available to U.S. users. The offerings -- long available to European users -- allow users to select one or more genres (or, in three cases, decades) and listen to an instant playlist of music.

As Billboard notes (here), Spotify's radio "doesn't allow for the fine-tuning and personzalization of the more popular Internet radio stations," nor does it have "the attention to detail of radio features in some other subscription services…but it's a nice additional feature that might someday blossom into something far better."

As we noted in our review of Spotify's artist-based radio offerings (here), Spotify radio is unlike other Internet radio services as it allows users to go forward and backward in a playlist at will (thanks to the on-demand nature of Spotify).

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