Side benefit of original CBS football digital content: It's theirs

Monday, October 1, 2012 - 4:55pm

CBS Radio has developed and launched several NFL-related original content streams to deepen fans' engagement with their brands (including radio) on football Sunday.

One benefit of this original content (as pointed out by both Inside Radio and CBS Local Digital Media president Ezra Kucharz) is that CBS isn't constrained by royalties and rules about how it can be used, as they are with copyright music. "We’ve put together a very lean but efficient studio model where we’re developing content in house that we own and have the ability to put onto multiple platforms," Kucharz told Inside Radio. "With music there is an incremental expense on a royalty basis. With content that we create and own, there’s a fixed cost and that’s it."

Football fans can try:

Tailgate Fan: A web/mobile video series showcasing fans' pregame party and food, in a different NFL city each week, hosted by comedian Nick Stevens

Sports Verdict: Two sports experts debate a football topic, and fans decide the verdict.

Pregame Playlist: Video series in which a different NFL player each week gives fans a glimpse into his digital music player.

Player Style File: Video feature covers different players' off-field lifestyle.

CBS Radio’s mobile audience is up to 10 million monthly uniques across its apps and the mobile web. CBS Radio's sports station's streams time-spent-listening is up 43% on Mondays over other weekdays so far this NFL season.

Kucharz is the recipient of the 2012 Triton Digital RAINMaker Award, which was presented at our recent RAIN Summit Dallas event. The CBS Local Digital Media studios "employ a small staff bolstered by on-air talent from the company’s radio and TV stations. They’re part of a digital strategy that leverages fast-changing technology for products that tie in with the company’s on-air and online businesses," explains Inside Radio.

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