BRS Media to launch ".radio.am" and ".radio.fm" domains in May

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 12:50pm

Radio (and other industries) will soon be able to register web addresses using ".Radio.am" and ".Radio.fm" domain extensions.

BRS Media has announced it's launching the new Radio Global Domain extensions (Radio GLDs) ".Radio.am" and ".Radio.fm" next month, which the company says are "designed for Bootstrap Start-Ups, Small Office/Home Offices (SOHO) Entrepreneurs, Social Media Ventures, Streaming Enterprises and Traditional Broadcasters worldwide, while at the same time encouraging originality in expanding the RADIO global domain space."

BRS Media was an "industry-specific domain" pioneer, launching the top-level domans (TLDs) .FM and .AM more than 15 years ago. It also operates the popular Web-Radio directory of Internet radio streams.

BRS Media is a co-sponsor of RAIN Summit West, this Sunday at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton). The RAIN Summit is a co-located event of the NAB Show. Read more from BRS Media here.

Douban.fm, Last.fm top ".fm" sites of 2012

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 1:30pm

BRS Media has tallied the Top 100 ".fm" websites of 2012, based on site hits. Chinese music site Douban.fm tops the ranking with over 65 million hits. CBS-owned music and webcast service Last.fm was second, with just under 39 million. Not surprisingly given the association between "FM" and music and/or radio, most of the services in the ranking are music and radio related.

Others that U.S. readers might recognize include Spotify app Sounddrop.fm, webcasters 1.fm and 181.fm, Toronto radio CJRT's Jazz.fm, music service Turntable.fm, industry blog Evolver.fm, Townsquare Media's indie rock Diffuser.fm, webcaster Sky.fm and DI.fm (Digitally Imported), and music discover Shuffler.fm. BRS Media is the parent of domain registries dotFM and dotAM.

See the full ranking here.

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