Economist: Public radio "taking notice" of successful Kickstarter campaigns

Monday, August 13, 2012 - 1:50pm

KickstarterRAIN readers may recall an article in July about public radio stations and program producers alike raising funds via crowdsourcing services like Kickstarter (RAIN coverage here). One of the examples was the program "99% Invisible," which had an already-successful Kickstarter campaign on-going at the time of publication.

That campaign is now over with 99% Invisible raising over $170,000. As you might expect, "other public-radio types are taking notice," repots the Economist.

While popular public radio programs like "This American Life" often "have no shortage of cash," less well-known and more independent programs struggle with "barely enough to keep the wheels turning."

Kickstarter and similar services have proven for some a valuable tool to reverse that situation. Not only do such successful campaigns fund upcoming seasons or projects, but bring new attention. The Economist reports of 99% Invisible: "Since the show will have proved its viability and popularity [on Kickstarter], underwriters should be knocking on [producer and host Roman] Mars' door."

You can find the Economist's article here.

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