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Echo Nest data may help developers "build playlisting, radio, music recommendation and music discovery" into Spotify apps

Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 11:55am

The Echo NestThe Echo Nest -- the music intelligence platform that powers iHeartRadio's custom radio streams and Spotify's radio service -- has integrated its API with that from Spotify. The partnership makes it "easier for any Spotify app developer to tap The Echo Nest’s music intelligence technology," reports The Next Web. 

Essentially, developers now have Spotify's vast library at their disposal, combined with the wealth of data The Echo Nest provides (related artists, social information, biographies, lyrics and more). The result may be more Spotify apps offering a personalizable radio listening experience.

For an idea of what those apps may be like, look to apps SpotON Radio (pictured left) and Echofi. Both are third-party services that run outside of Spotify, but use data from The Echo Nest to build personalizable radio stations out of music from Spotify. You can find RAIN coverage on SpotON Radio here and Echofi here.

SpotON RadioAs earlier mentioned, The Echo Nest powers the customizable radio service on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio and Spotify's own official radio service. Its API will now include Spotify song IDs, as well as data from Twitter, Facebook, Lyricfind, MusixMatch, 7Digital, EMI, Free Music Archive, MusicBrainz, Rdio and Seatwave.

"With all these partners on board," writes Billboard (here), "the Echo Nest is developing an intricate web of music listening knowledge, and app developers that want to launch on Spotify's platform can use that information to help build playlisting, radio, music recommendation and music discovery into their apps, making them more versatile and dynamic."

Some of Spotify's existing third-party apps include offerings from, Moodagent, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and many others (RAIN coverage here and here). You can find more coverage from The Next Web here and Hypebot here.

Spotify also just announced it's lifting listening limits for free users (which Spotify monetizes with advertising). You can find more coverage here.

If you want to learn more about Spotify, The Echo Nest and the future of personalizable radio on the Internet, we invite you to attend RAIN Summit West 2012. It will feature members of Spotify, The Echo Nest, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Slacker and other services as speakers. You can find out more about the upcoming conference here.

TechCrunch interviews The Echo Nest CEO

Monday, March 26, 2012 - 11:40am

TechCrunch recently sat down for a video interview with CEO of The Echo Nest, Jim Lucchese. The discussion explains a little about what Echo Nest does, which companies they're working with (including some big players, like Clear Channel) and how Lucchese envisions the music industry's near future. You can watch the video above (TechCrunch's article can be found here). 

Lucchese will be a panelist at the upcoming RAIN Summit West 2012 conference. He'll join Slacker CEO Jim Cady, iHeartRadio's Owen Grover and Rovi's Michael Papish (along with moderator Sean Ross) to discuss Personalized Radio.

You can find out more about RAIN Summit West 2012 right here.

Video service VEVO adds web radio-like personalization features

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 11:30am

VEVOOnline video service VEVO (the second largest such site after YouTube) has added new features that should sound familiar to fans of personalizable web radio. "It makes the experience more competitive with Spotify and Pandora than before, with the added benefit of videos," in TechCrunch's opinion.

Among the new features:

  • Integration with music intelligence platform The Echo Nest to offer personalized music video recommendations.
  • Integration with Facebook to offer custom playlists based on Facebook likes and activities.
  • Integration with iTunes to create a playlist filled with videos by users' most listened-to artists.
  • VEVO now plays music videos continuously, making it "more of a long-play" service, TechCrunch writes (here).

(We should note that, for whatever reason, RAIN couldn't find or wasn't offered any of the Facebook, Echo Nest or iTunes features on VEVO's website).

RAIN Summit West adds The Echo Nest's Jim Lucchese and Triton Media Group's Neal Schore

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 12:00pm

Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo NestToday RAIN announces the addition of two more industry executives to the agenda of RAIN Summit West 2012: CEO of The Echo Nest Jim Lucchese and President/CEO of Triton Media Group Neal Schore.

The conference takes place Sunday, April 15 in Las Vegas (more info below).

Lucchese (pictured right) has worked in digital music strategy and corporate development for about 15 years, holding positions at Greenberg Traurig, Hughes and Webnoize/DMN. Now he serves as CEO of The Echo Nest, the music intelligence company that powers Clear Channel's iHeartRadio Custom Radio service, as well as web radio offerings from Spotify, MOG and others. More than 250 applications have been built using The Echo Nest platform. Find out more abotu Lucchese and The Echo Nest here.

Schore (pictured below left) has over 20 years of media experience as a principal and operating executive and is the founding President and CEO of Triton Media Group. He has also served as Managing Partner and CEO of Midway Marketing Group, LLC (a media advisory firm), as founding President of Brite Media Group, among other entrepreneurial executive positions. You can find out more about Schore on Triton Media Group's website here.

Neal Schore, President/CEO of Triton Media GroupOther speakers set to appear at RAIN Summit West 2012 include Pandora SVP of Advertising Sales Steven Kritzman, Slacker President/CEO Jim Cady, MP3tunes Founder/CEO Michael Robertson and others. ESPN SVP, Production/Business Divisions Traug Keller will keynote the conference. RAIN will announce more speakers and panel topics in the coming weeks.

RAIN Summit West will take place on April 15 at the former Las Vegas Hilton, now called the LVH -- Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. It will conclude with the always-anticipated tradition of the poolside RAIN Reader Cocktail Party.

The Summit is an official “Co-Located Education Program” of the NAB Show. Registration includes access to the NAB Show Exhibit Hall and a catered box lunch. RAIN registrants can save $100 on NAB registration.

For registration and sponsorship information, visit

Other RAIN Summits are planned for later this year in Dallas (at the RAB/NAB Radio Show) on September 18th and in Berlin, Germany on October 5th. 

New Spotify Radio app based on The Echo Nest music and playlist intelligence

Monday, December 19, 2011 - 11:00am

The new Spotify Radio app (which we reported here), officially made available Friday, is powered by music intelligence platform The Echo Nest.

The Echo NestSpotify Radio listeners can create custom radio stations based on specific songs or artists from Spotify's music catalogue. Basically, The Echo Nest supplies the relational information ("if the user chooses song A or artist B, they'll probably like songs X, Y, and Z") to build the playlists.

With what might be a subtle poke at Pandora (the biggest competitive target for the new app), Spotify Chief Content Officer Ken Parks said in the press release, "We can't wait to hear what our users think of Spotify Radio, which offers unlimited stations and unlimited skips..." 

The Echo Nest says they power more than 250 applications -- including Clear Channel's iHeartRadio and Nokia Music's Mix Radio -- and call their technology "the world's only machine learning system that actively reads about and listens to music everywhere on the web," boasting "over 5 billion data points on over 30 million songs." The Echo Nest was co-founded by two MIT PhDs. Investors include Matrix Partners, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, and three co-founders of MIT Media Lab.

Read our coverage of other music applications that use The Echo Nest here and here. Here's the press release from them. Engadget reported on this too.



Friday, September 16, 2011 - 12:00pm

Southern California NPR flagship and streaming radio leader KCRW has released a free 

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