Developer of song-dedication app asking for $16k on Kickstarter

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 12:50pm

ShoutOut Radio wants to launch an app it's developed for the Apple mobile platform that allows users to pick a song and send a sample of it to a Facebook friend along with a text message -- sort of an update to the time-honored radio tradition of song "dedications" (except no one else hears it). reports "the app will be able to build an instant radio station around any song you 'ShoutOut,' or the ones that are sent to you, and those will consist of full songs."

The 16-grand ShoutOut is trying to raise on Kickstarter will be for marketing the app for iOS, building an Android version, and adding some new features (for which another full-time app developer will be added).

See ShoutOut Radio's Kickstarter page here, and read more in here.

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