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Anstandig: Streaming "an afterthought for so many broadcasters," and it's not hard to tell

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 12:10pm

Daniel AnstandingRadio-Info columnist and Listener Driven Radio co-founder/CEO Daniel Anstandig spends "a lot of time listening to streaming stations online." Though streaming audiences continue to grow, the "streaming experience is an afterthought for so many broadcasters."

And it's not hard to tell. Anstandig lists several problems common to broadcasters' online streams. These include fill content that's "outdated, poorly produced, or inconsistent with the station brand." Or it's "'throw away' content and doesn't serve any specific strategic purpose."

He also hears "music trampled" by "poor audio injection during commercial breaks." Even the music itself occasionally contains static, or sounds "watery or muddy."

As for mobile apps, many "crash or cause devices to freeze... That discount app makes your brand look cheap. Upgrade. Your competitors are Pandora, Spotify and other stable, solid apps."

Anstandig also argues to ditch those "Are you still listening?" prompts, as they could "cause listeners to abandon your stream" our of frustration.

Great program directors should "look at all of the ways that their programming will be consumed by listeners," argues Anstandig. "They make it the best possible experience regardless of which speakers the listener uses." You can find Anstanding's column in Radio-Info here.

Listener Driven Radio buys out cofounder McVay

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 12:05pm

LDRCrowdsourcing radio service Listener Driven Radio (LDR) has repurchased shares owned by Mike McVay, "resulting in McVay relinquishing his position as a shareholder in the company."

McVay helped with the founding of LDR in 2009, but stepped away from his position as a member of the company's Board of Directors aftering joining Cumulus as an SVP in 2011. "Our move to buy out Mike McVay eliminates potential conflicts for McVay in his role as senior manage for Cumulus," explained LDR president/CEO Daniel Anstandig.

"My departure makes perfect sense as it will enable Listener Driven Radio to grow without compromise. I remain a huge fan of LDR," said McVay.

Anstandig: Social an asset for growing streaming music audiences

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 11:00am

Daniel AnstandigListener Driven Radio CEO Daniel Anstandig writes in Radio-Info today about how social media connectivity is helping grow audiences for streaming music services.

"Since launching in the U.S., integration with Facebook has been a key part of Spotify’s strategy to expand the reach of its appeal to potential premium users." Spotify was one of the first music services to more deeply integrate with Facebook in September 2011 (RAIN coverage here).

Anstandig writes that during May 2012 so far, Spotify has gained 1.5 million users (a growth rate of 8%), which doubles last year's growth at this time. During just a two-week period in May, "Spotify reported adding 500,000 new users, leaving the music company with 20 million global monthly users utilizing its Facebook app."

Anstandig says he's seen the same social media benefit at Listener Driven Radio."For every LDR user who shares a vote from their favorite radio station, we have seen an average of four or more people come back to a station website."

It's not difficult to find other examples of social media helping music services growth. iHeartRadio -- which initially required a Facebook login for its Custom Radio service (RAIN coverage here) -- recently announced reaching a milestone of 10 million registered users (more here).

And Facebook claimed in November 2011 that Slacker, MOG and Rdio were also experiencing tremendous growth since integrating with the social networking service (RAIN coverage here).

You can find Anstandig's Radio-Info column here.

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