Fans identify DJs as one of AM/FM's "big advantages" over web radio

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 12:20pm

Edison's slide on Internet radio servicesMore than half of Country radio P1s have heard of Pandora, according to new data from Edison Research. About the same percentage point to DJs as one of AM/FM's primary advantages over Internet radio.

The information was presented yesterday by Edison Co-founder and President Larry Rosin at the Country Radio Seminar.

Edison's survey of 1,000 Country radio fans found that 53% of P1s had heard of Pandora and 6% "frequently" listen to it. Comparitively, 64% of non-Country P1s had heard of Pandora and 13% use it frequently (both compared to 67%/56% who say they listen to AM/FM frequently, respectively).

The survey also asked respondents about iHeartRadio: 23% of Country P1s had heard of the service, with 2% using it frequently. For non-Country P1s, the percentages were 31% and 2%. Finally, 8% of Country P1s had heard of Spotiy, compared to 15% of non-Country P1s.

What keeps Country radio fans listening to AM/FM stations? "Live, local DJs are one of the big advantages that radio has over Internet and satellite outlets... Both P1s and non-P1s are generally equally as enthusiastic about DJs. Half of both groups say that DJs are a prime reason that AM/FM radio is better than internet radio," said Rosin.

"I have watched with bemusement as the radio industry has engaged in a philosophical discussion of 'what is radio?' Who cares? DJs, in my opinion, are the only real competitive advantage we have [in terrestrial radio]. Every time we voice track a daypart or fire an air personality, we are shaving away our competitive advantage."

You can find more coverage in Radio-Info here. Edison Research has posted its presentation slides and videos online here.


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