Christian/conservative media company Salem no stranger to online and digital

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 12:40pm

Religious media company Salem Communications has launched its website as a portal to streams of its more than 60 Christian/conservative music and talk broadcast properties. The new portal also includes on-demand programming from Christian ministries as well as several live streaming Spanish-language Christian talk stations.

While Salem radio streams will still be available elsewhere (e.g. iHeartRadio), will exclusively showcase Salem properties.

In addition to its extensive broadcast holdings, the Salem Web Network provides online Christian and conservative-themed websites, content, and streaming. Seventeen percent of Salem's Q4 revenue came from its online businesses; 15% across all of 2012.

" is a joint effort of Salem's radio and new media divisions. Together we have built a content aggregator that gives our listeners, ministries and advertisers digital content delivery within an environment that is consistent with their values and ours," said Salem Radio Division President, Dave Santrella.

TuneIn "liberal" and "conservative" listening nearly matches swing state results

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 1:10pm

On Monday, the day before Election Day, radio streaming aggregator and mobile service TuneIn made public a graphic showing "listener engagement" by political leaning across nine "toss-up" states during October.

Interestingly, (as Audio4Cast's Jennifer Lane points out today), the graphic is remarkable in that in all but two of the states won by President Obama, people spent more time, on average, listening to programming classified as "liberal" than to "conservative" programming. (Note, this assumes that Florida ends up in Obama's column.)

Only Nevada and New Hampshire saw slightly more conservative "engagement" (as TuneIn calls it) yet were captured by Obama. North Carolina, which went for Governor Romney (but Obama in 2008), had more listening to liberal programming.

Overall, average daily listening for the month tilted more towards liberal programming (that is, the chart uses the DNC symbol of the donkey, so we assume TuneIn means "liberal = Democratic"): 86 minutes per listener to 76 minutes per listener for conservatives/Republicans. Iowa and Florida, the states with the highest margin of "liberal" listening over "conservative" listening, also had the most overall listening (over 200 minutes daily per listener in Iowa's case).

Salem stations will be available on iHeartRadio platform in September

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 12:00pm

Clear Channel's iHeartRadio stream directory will soon include Christian/conservative radio Salem's station streams. Salem’s 97 AM and FM radio stations in 37 markets will be available to iHeartRadio users beginning in September.

Though some station and groups have agreed to make iHeartRadio the exclusive aggregator for their streams, Salem in April entered a similar agreement with tuning service and app developer TuneIn (see RAIN here). The group also made news recently for entering a 3-year streaming deal with Triton Digital (coverage here), and in March announced that Internet revenues represented 14% of its Q4 2011 earnings (here) (though it should be noted that Salem isn't purely a broadcast radio company; it's also an Internet content provider and magazine and book publisher).

Clear Channel's iHeartRadio platform boasts 10 million registered users, and offers more than 1,000 broadcast and online-only radio stations and user-created Custom Stations. Last month (here) radio groups Cox Radio and Emmis Communications joined the iHeartRadio platform. Yahoo! Music made iHeartRadio its "preferred radio" partner (more here).

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