Christian/conservative media company Salem no stranger to online and digital

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 12:40pm

Religious media company Salem Communications has launched its website as a portal to streams of its more than 60 Christian/conservative music and talk broadcast properties. The new portal also includes on-demand programming from Christian ministries as well as several live streaming Spanish-language Christian talk stations.

While Salem radio streams will still be available elsewhere (e.g. iHeartRadio), will exclusively showcase Salem properties.

In addition to its extensive broadcast holdings, the Salem Web Network provides online Christian and conservative-themed websites, content, and streaming. Seventeen percent of Salem's Q4 revenue came from its online businesses; 15% across all of 2012.

" is a joint effort of Salem's radio and new media divisions. Together we have built a content aggregator that gives our listeners, ministries and advertisers digital content delivery within an environment that is consistent with their values and ours," said Salem Radio Division President, Dave Santrella.

Salem stations will be available on iHeartRadio platform in September

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 12:00pm

Clear Channel's iHeartRadio stream directory will soon include Christian/conservative radio Salem's station streams. Salem’s 97 AM and FM radio stations in 37 markets will be available to iHeartRadio users beginning in September.

Though some station and groups have agreed to make iHeartRadio the exclusive aggregator for their streams, Salem in April entered a similar agreement with tuning service and app developer TuneIn (see RAIN here). The group also made news recently for entering a 3-year streaming deal with Triton Digital (coverage here), and in March announced that Internet revenues represented 14% of its Q4 2011 earnings (here) (though it should be noted that Salem isn't purely a broadcast radio company; it's also an Internet content provider and magazine and book publisher).

Clear Channel's iHeartRadio platform boasts 10 million registered users, and offers more than 1,000 broadcast and online-only radio stations and user-created Custom Stations. Last month (here) radio groups Cox Radio and Emmis Communications joined the iHeartRadio platform. Yahoo! Music made iHeartRadio its "preferred radio" partner (more here).

Triton Digital signs Salem to 3-year streaming deal

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 12:00pm

Triton Digital has reportedly agreed to a 3-year deal with Christian broadcast group Salem Communications to provide streaming for 94 of the group's stations, as well as audience metrics and ad-delivery.

Also as part of the deal, Triton will handle archiving Salem shows to automatically create RSS feeds for podcast purposes.

Triton Digital now provides streaming for 18 of the U.S. top 25 largest radio ownership groups, and at least some services for 24 of the top 25.

Triton Digital's press release is here.

Clear Channel's iHeartRadio platform adds 14 WAY-FM Christian station streams

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 12:05pm

Christian broadcaster WAYMedia Inc. is the latest media outlet to add radio station streams to Clear Channel's iHeartRadio aggregate.

WAYMedia is a national, non-profit radio network based in Coloradio Springs. Thirteen live WAY-FM "Christian Music and Conversation" broadcast streams will be available from markets like Louisville, Tallahassee, Nashville, and Wichita. A fourteenth national WAY-FM stream will also be available.

IHeartRadio is Clear Channel’s online and mobile "digital listening service" with more than 1,000 live radio streams, plus its "user-created Custom Stations" feature. IHeartRadio is also the top free broadcast app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

Liquid Compass develops dedicated player for long-running Focus on the Family radio show

Friday, February 17, 2012 - 10:00am

Streaming platform provider Liquid Compass has developed a custom player for Focus on the Family's evangelical Christian-themed radio drama/comedy series "Adventure in Odyssey."

Liquid Compass' press release explains, "the new player includes unique features such as full visual customization and flash animation. It also delivers third-party storefront integration to allow listeners to buy broadcasts or full albums quickly and securely directly through the player. Furthermore, the player has custom content integration that includes episode and album information, album artwork and other relevant information."

The "Adventure in Odyssey" series was created by Focus on the Family in 1987. The show attracts a daily average audience of about 1.2 million within North America.

The player launch coincides with the 2012 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. Liquid Compass also works with other religious broadcasters, including Salem Communications, WDAC-The Voice, and Crawford Broadcasting.

Read the entire Liquid Compass press release here.

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