British Columbia Association of Broadcasters

CBC Music a "controversial topic" at Canadian broadcasting conference

Monday, May 14, 2012 - 11:35am

CBC MusicThere's reportedly "growing anger" from commercial broadcasters over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) new online music service, according to Radio-Info. The service, CBC Music, was a "controversial topic" at the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters, reports Sean Ross.

One group head said during the Presidents Panel "that having the cash-hungry CBC invest in an online service that won’t bring in any revenues seems like 'misplaced resources.'" Another panelist, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Chairman Rick Arnish, said “It astounds me that the CBC would go ahead and launch” CBC Music.

A third panelist, Vista chairman/CEO Margot Micallet, "says if that’s how the CBC wants to play it, then the CBC should be have a bigger responsibility for programming Canadian content than the commercial broadcasters," writes Radio-Info. "She says 'Why not let us have pure formats?'

CBC Music offers 40 Internet radio stations, along with on-demand content and the streams of Radio 2 and Radio 3 stations (RAIN coverage here). It's already facing funding, royalty and content pressures (RAIN coverage here).


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