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Bridge Ratings investigates satisfaction levels among Pandora listeners

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 11:40am

Bridge RatingsA new study from Bridge Ratings looks into the user satisfaction levels of Pandora users over time.

The survey found that "over time [from 2006 to 2012], satisfaction levels are decreasing among users 12-34 years of age and improving among adults 35+... over time, expectations delivered initially through Pandora brand marketing and word-of-mouth turned to disappointment." Bridge Ratings hypothesizes that younger listeners may be turned off by commercials or Pandora's music choices. The company also found that among Pandora Prime subscribers, usage rates decrease over time.

"This is a common consumer psychology," writes Bridge Ratings. "Most products experience this type of satisfaction decrease over time because original high expectation experience is reduced by over exposure." Bridge Ratings' Dave Van Dyke tells Inside Radio "it's likely other streaming apps face similar usage patterns."

Moreover, Pandora has attacted more casual listeners over the years and the streaming music market is quite different today than it was in 2006. There are now many services (Spotify, iHeartRadio,, Rdio, MOG, etc. etc.) vying for Pandora's listeners. Indeed, after as few as 8 months, Pandora listeners "begin seeking other sources for a similar experience," found Bridge Ratings. But those listeners "will continue to use Pandora as their primary source for the customized Internet radio experience."

You can find more from Bridge Ratings here.

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