Xaxis Radio "programmatic buying" for Net radio built on Triton Digital's new a2X tech

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 12:50pm

A firm named Xaxis, partnered with Triton Digital, is launching Xaxis Radio, calling it Internet radio's "first programmatic audience buying product." (Programmatic audience buying allows marketers to buy ad inventory -- in this case, for Internet radio -- via real-time-bidding.)

Xaxis Radio, along with the company's Data Management Platform (DMP), integrates online and mobile radio within overall digital media campaigns.

Triton Digital last week (in RAIN here) announced the launch of its a2x, the Net radio-focused programmatic ad buying technology. Xaxis Radio not only uses the a2x technology, but Xaxis customers will get access to Triton's global impressions inventory.

Read the press release here and more in AdWeek here.

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