Tech show "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" recruits 16 month-old reporter for Berlin coverage

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 9:00am

To celebrate its tenth year of broadcasting from the IFA Consumer Electronics & Home Appliance Show in Berlin, "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" has brought on a new reporter, Kameron Graveline.

Sixteen-month-old Kameron Graveline (Dave's grandson)!

The IFA show itself is rich in tech history -- Albert Einstein was its first Keynote Speaker in 1924! "Into Tomorrow's" special IFA broadcasts will air the weekends of September 13th and 20th.

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" is a three-hour radio program, now in its 18th Year, that airs every weekend on over 190 AM and FM radio stations across the U.S. and Canada, and online. Check out the show here.

RAIN publisher Hanson in Berlin for sold-out Radiodays Europe

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 1:00pm

RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson is in Berlin to report on the Radiodays Europe conference, which wraps up today.

Radiodays Europe
, held annually (now in its fourth year), brings leaders from public service and commercial radio as well as related industries from across Europe (and the world). The conference is Europe's largest (sold out with more than 1,200 attendees) and likely most important radio gathering.

The event is taking place at the Berliner Congress Center (BCC) in the fashionable Alexanderplatz district (just a couple of blocks from the landmark Berlin TV Tower). That's actually not far from the nHow hotel, which hosted our own RAIN Summit Europe gathering last October.

Conference organizers/founders Anders Held (Project Manager, Sweden) and Rolf Brandrud (Project Manager, Norway) staged 52 sessions across four auditoriums, featuring more than 100 speakers for the events two full days. In fact, some of these speakers will join us for RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas on April 7, or RAIN Summit Europe in Brussels May 23.

Kurt Hanson reports on some of the highlights:

For the panel "The Executives: Sharing Radio's Future," four top-level radio execs gave a short keynote speech, then held a discussion about radio's future. See more here.

The "Spotify - Friend or Foe?" panel included Edison Research president Larry Rosin (who'll speak at RAIN Summit West) and addressed the question of whether radio should work with online music platforms, or strictly compete against them. More here.

UK-based "Radio futurologist" James Cridland moderated the "Hybrid Radio – FM, DAB+ and IP all together" panel, which also featured UK Radioplayer's Michael Hill (a previous RAIN Summit speaker). They discussed the enhancement of traditional radio by way of new technology. More here.

For the "Keys to the second life of speech radio" panel, NextRadio and TV/VP Frank Lanoux (Paris) and WDR Sports editor Marcus Tepper (Cologne) discussed why the future of radio might be speech, not music. Read more here.

Hanson reports several key points gleaned from attending these discussions. First, that digital radio, in separate-band DAB and DAB+ versions (as opposed to the U.S.'s in-band on-channel "HD Radio" approach), is having so significant an impact in some European countries, that some are even considering an FM shut-off later this decade.

Several of the panels discussed the "Euro-Chip" initiative, which is similar to our "FM chip" initiative. That is, a lobbying effort hoping to legislate the requirement of analog and DAB receivers in all future connected devices.

Internet radio in Europe, on the other hand, is growing more slowly than it is here in the U.S. That's seems likely to be due to the lack of available statutory music licenses in most European countries, and the slower development of "personalized radio" platforms, like Pandora.

You can experience more of Radiodays Europe via video and audio coverage of a selection of sessions, which should be available on the conference website within the next several days.

From today's early edition: Europe's Net radio leaders gathering for Summit conference today in Berlin

Friday, October 5, 2012 - 11:35am

Our first European Summit event is today in Berlin at 9am local time (hope you've had some coffee, that's 3am in New York!).

Later this afternoon is the keynote address from Jonathan Forster, who is General Manager Europe & VP Ad Sales for Spotify. Jonathan is responsible for the overall development of Spotify's European business and managing Spotify's workforce across the region.

In the first half of today's event, we'll hear from Prof. Klaus Goldhammer of Goldmedia Strategy Consulting, who will present the findings of his company's study on online radio listening in Germany, "Web Radio Monitor 2012." RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson will also make his "State of the Industry" presentation. Finally, we'll enjoy lunch, and later, the RAIN Reader Cocktail Party.

Please follow the event on Twitter using the hashtag #RAINSummit (and we invite you to follow our accounts, too: @RAINTwitter and @RAINSummits).

Finally, we'd like to introduce some more of the companies and speakers for today's event:

Xavier Filliol will moderate the "Personalized Radio" panel. Filliol is CEO/co-founder of AdsRadios in France, which focuses on all new areas related to the digitization of radio media: podcasting, live streaming, and on-demand. The panel, which addresses individualized listening options available on various streaming platforms, will include Filliol's countryman Jean-Marc Plueger of Yasound. Yasound "is a new service that lets you create your own radio station in just a few clicks and share it with your friends in real time," and Plueger is also CEO/co-founder.

Two gentlemen from the UK will speak on the "Personalized Radio" panel as well. First, Simon Moran,'s Managing Director. is, of course, the music recommendation service that using the "Audioscrobbler" system to build a profile of each user's tastes by recording details of the songs that play on Internet radio stations, the user's computer, or portable devices. Mixcloud, meanwhile "is joining the dots between radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes." It's "Cloudcasts" (audio shows stored in the "cloud") are available for on-demand streaming. Mixcloud co-founder Nikhil Shah will join the panel.

Another panel, "Agency Roundtable - Internet Radio Advertising," will discuss the benefits and challenges of streaming audio as an ad medium. To moderate, we're happy to welcome Audioemotion CEO Elisa Escobedo. Audioemotion Media is an ad network fully-specializing in online radio advertising. Joining Elisa is UK-based Jon Harris, who's Activation Director for Starcom MediaVest Group (the Digital and Media subsidiary of Publicis Groupe, the multinational advertising and public relations company).

Today's full agenda is on our RAIN Summit Europe page. Again, please follow us on Twitter at #RAINSummit. Danke viel!

Look for more coverage from our first-ever European conference event in RAIN soon!

Friday, October 5, 2012 - 11:35am

We're looking forward to sharing the great content from today's RAIN Summit Europe event in Berlin. In the meantime, we thought you'd enjoy a few glimpses of our event and the meeting room at the Hotel nHow in Berlin. 







Keynote speaker Jonathan Forster, Spotify General Manager Europe & VP Ad Sales, addressed the RAIN Summit Europe crowd.












The Agency Roundtable on Internet radio advertising:  (L to R) Jon Harris, Starcom MediaVest Group; Andreas Hamdorf, pilot; Pierre Cassaing, Havas Media; and moderator Elisa Escobedo, Audioemotion











Above is the "Connected Dashboard" panel, with: (L to R) Wolf Zehrt, DAPD Media; Peter Burgner, BMW Group; Carl Rohling, TuneIn; and Michael Hill, UK Radioplayer










Here's a look at the "Personalized Radio" panel



















Keynote speaker Jonathan Forster





The "Monetizing Digital Audio" panel 

Postcards from Berlin

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 3:20pm

Well, the 2012 version of a postcard is a smartphone-snapped photo, right?

Our RAIN Summit Europe event begins tomorrow morning at 9am (and that's pretty early-morning for those in the U.S., as they're seven hours ahead of us here in Chicago), but we already have some photographic evidence that the RAIN delegation has arrived!

Below is a shot from yesterday evening's pre-Summit Oktoberfest outing, with (L-R) Triton Digital's Eric Whitlock and Daniel Karlsson; Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer's David Oxenford; RAIN publisher Kurt Hanson, and Triton Digital's Patrick Reynolds. Below that is a sneak-peek at the room in the nHow Berlin where the Summit will take place.

Watch for more coverage (and photos) from RAIN Summit Europe soon!

Reps from several leading German firms to represent RAIN Summit host nation

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 12:15am

In the lead-up to tomorrow's (or today's depending upon when you read this!) RAIN Summit Europe in Berlin, we've been introducing companies and professionals that are leading the Internet radio industry across the Atlantic. Probably not surprisingly, our host nation will well-represented at the Summit, with more industry professionals there than any other country. We've already featured companies like Aupeo (here), NRJ International (here), RTL Radio Center Berlin (here), & Dig This Media, and RMS (here).

While most of our guests will be moderating or participating in panel discussions, we'll take time for a research presentation from Goldmedia Strategy Consulting (Goldmedia Holding GmbH) Managing Director Dr. Klaus Goldhammer (left). Goldmedia Group provides national and international clients with high-quality consulting and research services in the fields of media, entertainment, and telecommunications. Dr. Goldhammer will present his firm's new study, "Web Radio Monitor 2012," a look at online radio listenership in Germany.

Andreas Hamdorf is Director of Ad Operations for pilot, an independent, owner-run agency group for modern brand communication in Germany. Hamdorf will take part in the "Agency Roundtable - Internet Radio Advertising" panel, which will examine the benefits and challenges of streaming audio as an ad medium.

You're likely familiar with on-demand services like Spotify and Rhapsody. Have you had the opportunity to try simfy? It's a German-based on-demand music service which bills itself as "a fast and easy way to listen to music - no limits, no hassle, everywhere and at any time." Simfy CEO Gerrit Schumann will join us for the panel "Personalized Radio," to focus on individualized listening options available in streaming platforms.

Like Americans, Germans love their cars! Technologists are quickly moving to integrate automobile dashboards with Internet and mobile functionality, including audio entertainment options. Our panel "The Connected Dashboard" will focus on the progress and potential impact of in-car connectivity. The panel will be moderated by Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut (left), Co-Founder & General Manager of OpenSynergy, a Berlin-based software company working in the automotive software space.

Peter Burgner is Project Manager for Music Services & Web Radio at BMW Group, Germany's home of world-famous automobile brands like BMW, MINI, and (yes) Rolls-Royce. Wolfgang Zehrt (left) is Director and a Board Member for DAPD Media Holding (DDP Direct), a Berlin-based news agency based in Berlin, which serves a customer base of 700 media outlets like newspapers, magazines, online media, TV and radio. Both will also speak on "The Connected Dashboard" panel.

Our keynote speaker is Spotify's European GM and VP of Ad Sales Jonathan Forster. Spotify now has 15 million active users worldwide, 4 million of whom pay for the service every month. Besides its on-demand streaming product, Spotify Radio is a personalized radio stream listeners create based on artists, songs, or genres, which can be further influenced through "thumbs up/thumbs down" song ratings. While Spotify is based in Sweden, since March it's been available in Germany. And this week, Spotify announced a special mobile tariff deal to make the service available to Deutsche Telekom customers.

We hope you're able to join us for our very first RAIN Summit Europe, Friday at Berlin's nHow Hotel. All the details are here.

Herzlich willkommen in Berlin!

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