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Jelli now offers "ads only" ad-serving network to radio

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 11:15am

"Social radio" platform Jelli today announced a new feature of its service that will enable terrestrial radio to use the Jelli Radio platform as an ad-serving network.

Jelli is the service that "gamifies" broadcast radio by allowing listeners to use its web and mobile interface to influence the music on client radio stations in real time. Now, stations don't even need to carry the traditional Jelli music service. In other words, affiliates can simply engage Jelli for ads only.

Client stations will set up a dedicated Jelli server machine, connect it to the Net, and allocate the amount of inventory they want Jelli to fill. Jelli then can serve the ads for play on-air.

Jelli also announced that it's signed deals with Mapleton Communications and Opus Media Partners, both radio ownership groups, for use of the Jelli Platform.

Hear from Jelli cofounder/CEO Mike Dougherty today at RAIN Summit Dallas on the "Social Radio" panel.

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