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Saga's Goldstein, Triton's Agovino join RAIN Summit panel to address ad-insertion

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 11:30am

RAIN Summits has announced the roster of professionals who'll discuss ad insertion at September 17th's RAIN Summit Orlando. [Pro tip: The $99 "early bird" registration expires July 31. Register to attend (here) soon!]

Ad-insertion -- substituting online-only ads in a stream of broadcast programming -- is perhaps more controversial than ever. While ad-insertion allows stations to sell online-only ad inventory and monetize streaming audiences on top of broadcast listening, until recently Arbitron (RAIN coverage here) didn't include online listening in "total line reporting" for stations that streamed ads that weren't also broadcast. Last year broadcasters like Saga Communications (in RAIN here  and here) and Hubbard's WTOP (here) announced moves to eliminate ad-insertion in favor of full simulcast streaming.

To explain his company's position, Saga Communications EVP Steve Goldstein (pictured) will participate on the panel. He's been part of Saga management since 1986. Saga owns 88 radio stations in 23 markets.

Another broadcaster joining the panel is Greater Media Interactive SVP/GM Tom Bender. Named Regional GM of Greater Media's Detroit-based operation in 1986, in 2007 Tom moved to the new media side to lead interactive efforts company-wide. Just last month Greater Media chairman/CEO Peter Smyth restated his company's strong support for both streaming and online ad-insertion here.

Not surprisingly, Smyth and Greater Media find fans among ad sales professionals and technology providers. Adswizz CEO Alexis van der Wyer and Triton Digital COO Mike Agovino both represent companies that provide audience measurement, sales, and ad-serving tools to broadcasters and webcasters. Van der Wyer and Agovino will both return to the RAIN Summit stage to address ad-insertion's sales and technology issues.

Finally, representing the ad buying community, Natalie Swed Stone is U.S. Director of National Radio at OMD. She manages national radio investments for OMD clients like JCPenney, Lowe’s, State Farm, Visa, Wells Fargo, McDonald’s, Clorox, PepsiCo, and H&R Block. Swed Stone (pictured) provides strategic counsel within all of OMD on effective use of the radio medium, including Internet, satellite, and mobile platforms.

RAIN Summit Orlando will also feature a keynote presentation from Entercom Communications president/CEO David Field, panel discussions and presentations from some of the industry's most creative and innovative professionals, and the presentation of the fourth-annual RAIN Internet Radio Awards. RAIN Summit Orlando is an Official Partner Event of The Radio Show produced by the NAB and RAB. See the latest here.

Abacast announces cloud-based ad-insertion platform Clarity

Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 11:00am

Streaming software and services provider Abacast has unveiled what they've dubbed the "Clarity Digital Radio System," a cloud-based ad-insertion and trafficking platform.

Cloud computing generally means the necessary software and processing for clients is on a remote, centralized server, which has the benefits of reduced costs, and easier and faster maintenance, deployment and updating. Abacast CEO Rob Green said, "The use of a cloud-based platform will enable Abacast to quickly and continuously provide incremental value to our customers by focusing almost entirely on new features and functionality."

Clarity is part of a suite of Abacast online radio solutions which include ad-insertion and management, audience analytics, stream delivery, royalty reporting, and mobile and desktop players.

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