AccuStream says Net radio and subscription services account for $1.22 B in music industry revenue

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 12:30pm

New AccuStream Research data on Internet radio and streaming music reveals "a 2013 growth rate of 47.5%, backed by monetization initiatives channeling $1.22 billion into the digital music ecosystem," the company says.

The data is from a new report called "Streaming Radio, Curated Station and Track Play Music: Listening Hours and Revenue Analytics 2013 - 2016." AccuStream says it analyzed "listening by brand, platform, product offering, business model, subscriber count, available inventory by format, CPMs (national and local), sellout rates and corresponding revenue" over multiple years.

Ad-supported streaming, the company projects, will account for nearly 62% of the sector's revenue this year. About half will come from in-stream audio ad paired with a display component. AccuStream also predicts total listening hours for ad-supported sterams will grow almost 80% this year to 28.6 billion.

As of press time, the study was not yet available on AccuStream's website.

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