RAIN 9/28: Pandora reaches 1.0 AQH rating among 18-34s in several major U.S. markets

Michael Schmitt
September 28, 2011 - 8:00am
Pandora's local reach
Pandora holds a 1.0 AQH rating among the 18-34 demographic in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Portland, according to new September listening data from Edison Research.
We reported in July that Pandora's A18-34 AQH rating then was higher than any terrestrial radio station in all of the five largest U.S. radio markets (RAIN coverage here). Pandora seems to have grown about 10% to 15% in A18-34 ratings in most major markets since then.
Find below Pandora's A18-34 AQH rating report for September 2011 from Edison Research. You can find Pandora's press release here.
September 2011 Pandora AQH (Adults 18-34)
Mon-Sun, 6am-12m
City July Sept.
New York 0.7 0.7
Los Angeles 0.9 1.0
Chicago 0.7 0.8
San Francisco 0.9 1.0
Dallas - Ft. Worth
0.8 0.9
Houston 0.8 0.9
Atlanta 0.7 0.8
Philadelphia 0.7 0.8
Washington, D.C. 0.9 1.0
Boston 0.7 0.8
Portland N/A 1.0
September 2011 Pandora AQH (Adults 18-49)
Mon-Sun, 6am-12m
City July Sept.
New York 0.5 0.5
Los Angeles 0.6 0.7
Chicago 0.5 0.5
San Francisco 0.6 0.7
Dallas - Ft. Worth
0.5 0.6
Houston 0.5 0.6
Atlanta 0.5 0.6
Philadelphia 0.5 0.5
Washington, D.C. 0.6 0.7
Boston 0.5 0.6
Portland N/A 0.7


"We're seeing a growing wave of local advertisers shifting their terrestrial broadcast budgets to Internet radio," said Pandora founder Tim Westergren. Westergren discussed local advertisers and their experiences with Pandora in his keynote at RAIN Summit Chicago, which you can watch in full here.

Michael Schmitt
September 28, 2011 - 8:00am

AOL MusicAOL Music VP/GM Jeff Bronikowski has left to join Boston-based Echo Nest -- the music data provider that powers the new iHeartRadio. There he'll handle corporate development and strategy.

AOL has promoted Lisa Namerow -- a 'regular' at RAIN Summits -- to oversee AOL Music and Geno Yoham to handle Winamp. AllThingsDigital has more coverage here.

Michael Schmitt
September 28, 2011 - 8:00am

Spotify's new genre-based radio offeringsOn-demand music service Spotify has made its 27 genre-based radio-like streams available to U.S. users. The offerings -- long available to European users -- allow users to select one or more genres (or, in three cases, decades) and listen to an instant playlist of music.

As Billboard notes (here), Spotify's radio "doesn't allow for the fine-tuning and personzalization of the more popular Internet radio stations," nor does it have "the attention to detail of radio features in some other subscription services…but it's a nice additional feature that might someday blossom into something far better."

As we noted in our review of Spotify's artist-based radio offerings (here), Spotify radio is unlike other Internet radio services as it allows users to go forward and backward in a playlist at will (thanks to the on-demand nature of Spotify).

Michael Schmitt
September 28, 2011 - 8:00am

Apple's iPhone and Android dominate the smartphone marketNearly 60% of all new cellphones sold are smartphones, according to Nielsen, and nearly half of all cellphone users own a smartphone. ZDNet has more on Nielsen's research here.

Meanwhile, a new report from Distimo found that among the 200 highest-grossing apps in the iTunes App Store, 72% of the revenue came from in-app purchases. Boy Genius Report states (here) that's up from 28% last year.