RAIN 7/22: New Arbitron earnings report sheds more light on combined Net radio measurement service

Michael Schmitt
July 22, 2011 - 1:40pm

Arbitron’s Q2 2011 report (here) includes an update on the company’s development of an integratged over-the-air and Internet radio measurement system.

“This planned new service would be the first combined audience measurement of both over-the-air radio audiences and Internet audio audiences with the latter based on server-side metrics for streamed radio broadcasts and pure-play Internet audio programming,” said William T. Kerr, President and CEO of Arbitron (pictured below), echoing statements he made in April (RAIN coverage here).

Currently, the sole ratings service for the U.S. Internet radio industry is Triton Digital Media’s Webcast Metrics (formerly known as Ando Media).

“We anticipate our digital radio service, when launched, will address an important market need for a total audience measurement service,” continued Kerr.

Radio Ink reports the service may involve pureplay webcasters. Slacker says they’ve had discussions with Arbitron (more here).

Arbitron has been talking about measuring Internet radio audiences since late last year (here). It hired then-COO of Ando Media Paul Krasinski in January 2011 as SVP of Digial Media and Analytics (more coverage here).

Arbitron has, in the past, rated Internet radio streams, originally with its “Arbitron Webcast Ratings.” Later, it revamped the service after acquiring Measurcast technologies. Most recently, it rating Net radio listening as a joint project with comScore (read RAIN coverage here). The service ended quietly in early 2009 (more coverage here).