RAIN 7/19: Pandora-like radio feature missing from Spotify's U.S. launch

Paul Maloney
July 19, 2011 - 11:25am

Popular on-demand music subscription service Spotify launched in the U.S. last week (more here) but one feature available to European users — Artist Radio — is missing due to licensing constraints.

Much like Pandora, Spotify’s Artist Radio creates a radio-like playlist of music similar to a specified artist. As Spotify is on-demand, listeners have more control over the generated playlists (for example, going back to previous tracks or skipping ahead to get to a specific song).

It’s available to Spotify’s European users and is explained on this UK webpage. We noticed on the day Spotify launched in the U.S. that the feature was missing.

A member of Spotify’s support team told RAIN that “the lack of a radio feature for the time being is a factor of licensing agreements with the rights holders but it will eventually be available.”

So, for the time being, there are no radio-like features in the U.S. version of Spotify.

Other Spotify-like music services, like Rdio or MOG, do include radio features. Rdio creates artist-centric playlists, with similar music mixed in if the user desires.

MOG’s radio service also centers around different artists, but includes interactive sliders that allow users to control how much recommended content is added. Read more in RAIN here.