RAIN 7/11: Pandora, Clear Channel lead growth in May web radio ratings

Michael Schmitt
July 11, 2012 - 11:05am

Chart tracking web listening through May 2012Clear Channel had the largest percentage month-to-month growth in May amongst the Top 20 webcasters ranked in Triton Digital's Webcast Metrics. However, in terms of raw audience gains, Pandora was once again far-and-away the leader.

Pandora's AAS (Average Active Sessions, essentially equivalent to AQH) grew by more than 51,000 from April to May 2012, according to the Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m daypart. That's a monthly growth of 4% and a year-to-year gain of 129%. Pandora had an AAS of 1,241,819 in May 2012.

Meanwhile, #2-ranked Clear Channel grew 7% month-to-month, reaching an AAS of 183,257. Clear Channel's AAS is up 128% year-to-year, just about matching Pandora's yearly gain.

Slacker -- currently ranked #4; also includes AOL Radio -- grew its AAS 4% month-to-month and continues to gain on the #3-ranked CBS Radio, which declined 3% from April. CBS Radio is down 39% year-to-year, while Slacker has climbed 72%.

Most other broadcasters listed in the Top 20 ranker were flat or down month-to-month. Exceptions include Townsquare (up 6%), Univision (up 6%) and Cox (up 4%). As for the pureplays, Digitally Imported grew 2% month-to-month while AccuRadio declined 4%. 

Though May had the Memorial Day holiday -- and arguably could be the start of the "summer duldrums," a period in which Internet radio listening traditionally declines slightly -- it actually had about the same number of weekdays as April. 

(The chart above shows the growth of Pandora, CBS, Clear Channel, the top 5 terrestrial radio groups and Slacker from September 2009 through May 2012. Note that Pandora's AAS numbers from December 2010 through mid-August 2011 were affected by the omission of tracking code in some of its mobile apps. Click to view in full size.)

You can find the Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m ranking below. Find out more from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics report here (PDF) and find our coverage of April 2012’s ratings here.

Triton's Webcast Metrics Domestic Ranker for May 2012

Michael Schmitt
July 11, 2012 - 11:05am

RAIN Internet Radio AwardsRAIN is accepting nominations now for our third-annual RAIN Internet Radio Awards.

The awards celebrate the best of the Internet radio industry in four categories: Best Overall Online Radio Service, Best Streaming Broadcast Station, Best Overall Digital Strategy and Best Single-Stream Webcaster.

Help us make these awards a reflection of the amazing growth in our industry by entering (or encouraging others to enter) right here. The deadline is Tuesday 7/31, at 5pm central time, so don't delay!

Pandora last year was recognized as the Best Overall Online Radio Service, while WTOP/Washington, D.C. won the Best Overall Digital Strategy award. Hot 107 CJNW/Edmonton was named Best Streaming Broadcast Station and HealthRadio.net was the Best Single-Stream Webcaster.

The 2012 Awards will be presented at RAIN Summit Dallas on September 18 (more info here). More information about the RAIN Internet Radio Awards can be found here. Best of luck to all nominees!

Paul Maloney
July 11, 2012 - 11:05am

We have an opportunity for a representative of a "pureplay" (Internet-only) webcaster to take part in a discussion panel at the upcoming RAIN Summit Midwest at The Conclave.

The event is a week from this Friday, July 20.

The panel, produced by Coleman Insights and RAIN, is called "Pure Play: Radio's Most Direct Competitors?" Panelists will discuss the highly competitive, quickly-changing landscape of Internet-only radio providers that offer listeners an experience similar to that of broadcast radio. Already confirmed for the discussion: Mat Bates, Slacker's Senior Radio Program Manager.

This is a great opportunity for an Internet radio professional to not only engage in a lively discussion on the competitive future of this industry, but a chance to network and engage with some of the best minds in the business. If you're part of an Internet-only webcasting team and would like to join our panel discussion at The Conclave in Minneapolis July 20, please e-mail us at: "feedback \at\ kurthanson.com."

Read more on RAIN Summit Midwest at The Conclave here.

Michael Schmitt
July 11, 2012 - 11:05am

iPhone ashtray/dockThe cars of tomorrow will likely rely on smartphones for a plethora of features, including streaming web radio. But perhaps your car of today isn't quite up to the task.

You can help make your car a bit more smartphone-friendly with a new DIY project spotlighted by Lifehacker. It's a way to turn a car's ashtray into a dock for your smartphone.

"All you really need for this project is a bit of scrap plastic, an old dock connector for your phone, and a few tools," writes Lifehacker. "When you're done, you'll have the perfect spot to put your phone, no messy cables required."

You can find Lifehacker's coverage here and the "how to" instructions at Instructables here.