RAIN 10/3: Pittman named new Clear Channel CEO

Michael Schmitt
October 3, 2011 - 11:00am

Bob Pittman, new CEO of Clear Channel Media Holdings

Bob Pittman has been named CEO of CC Media Holdings -- Clear Channel's parent company -- effective immediately. The company told RAIN the appointment is an endorsement of Pittman's digital initiatives, including building out web radio platform iHeartRadio.

"He has already generated a renewed sense of confidence and direction not only at Clear Channel, but across the entire radio and media landscape,” said Scott Sperling, co-president of THL Partners.

Pittman joined Clear Channel in November 2010 as an investor and Chairman of Media and Entertainment Platforms (RAIN coverage here). Since then Clear Channel has relaunched iHeartRadio as a customizable web radio service (powered in part by the acquisition of Thumbplay in March, more here). That new service will soon join Pandora on Ford and Toyota dashboards (more here and here).

Pittman, 57, has served as CEO of AOL Networks and was co-founder and CEO of MTV.

As CEO of CC Media Holdings, Pittman will oversee Clear Channel Radio and Outdoor Holdings. He takes over from Mark Mays, who announced over a year ago he would step down (but remain chairman of CC Media Holdings). The L.A. Times reports (here) Pittman is "the first head of Clear Channel...not from the founding Mays family."

You can find Clear Channel's press release here.

Michael Schmitt
October 3, 2011 - 11:00am

The Hollywood Reporter investigates comedy's "second coming" on podcasts
The Hollywood Reporter spotlights the podcasting experiences of several prominent comedians in a recent article, including Adam Carolla, Greg Proops and Marc Maron
"Who it serves best are the people that don't fit a traditional broadcast model," said a partner at Levity Entertainment Group, which manages comedians like Jim Breuer and Hal Sparks. "As a singular business, a podcast might not be profitable, but if you look at other revenue streams that can grow from it, it definitely is."
The comedians echoed that sentiment, telling Hollywood Reporter that even if podcasting doesn't bringing in much revenue, it does open doors in the form of stand-up gigs, album sales, merchandising, book deals and even iPhone apps. 
Additionally, said Proops, podcasting is "unbelievably rewarding" artistically. And he thinks listeners feel that way, too. "It's a personal thing that is just for them...[comedy fans] have turned to podcasts in the millions and are devoted to it."
You can find the full Hollywood Reporter article here.

Paul Maloney
October 3, 2011 - 11:00am

Live365 Pro PointsInternet radio network Live365 has introduced an ad revenue sharing program to reward operators of popular stations. The Pro Points rewards program pays station operators $1,000 for every 500,000 ad impressions served for network ads (that is, a $2 "CPM," or "cost per thousand" impressions). An impression is one listener hearing an ad once (ten listeners each hearing ten ads is 100 impressions).

Impression points carry over each month and don't reset until the operator has reached the 500,000 points needed for the $1,000 reward. Station operators can opt-in or opt-out of the system at any time.

Read more from Live365 here.

Michael Schmitt
October 3, 2011 - 11:00am

CBS Radio's Radio.com
CBS Radio will add 45 new web radio channels to Radio.com, Radio-Info reports, in part filling in gaps that will be left when AOL Radio migrates to Slacker (RAIN coverage here). The stations will focus on genres including "mainstream formats as well as reggae, blues, reggaeton" and others, writes Radio-Info.
One station, called Tomorrow's Hits Today, will be programmed using the results of pre-release online music testing from UK-based research firm SoundOut Research. Find more coverage from Radio-Info here.