AIN 7/6: Nearing U.S. launch, Spotify offers invitations to American user

Michael Schmitt
July 6, 2011 (All day)

It’s official. After months and months of rumors, reports and hazy launch dates, on-demand music service Spotify is finally coming to the U.S.

The service has posted a U.S. landing page (here), where you can request an invitation to join the Stateside launch.

Spotify is a free, ad-supported streaming music service that offers on-demand access to a catalog of over 13 million tracks. It also offers subscription plans that remove ads and include other benefits. As of September 2010, the service had 10 million users, of which 1 million were paying subscribers. It has, up until now, only been available in Europe.

“We should note, however,” writes Engadget, “that there’s still no definite time table to report, but it’s fairly obvious that those final record deals are close enough to done to call this thing a victory.” Read more here.

In May it was reported that Spotify reached more young people in Sweden than broadcast radio (RAIN coverage here). The Wall Street Journal wrote then, “Spotify’s ability to attract audiences from commercial radio should also be seen as a threat to commercial radio providers in the U.S. market.”