3/27/13: comScore issues first Media Metrix Multi-Platform ratings for February

Paul Maloney
March 27, 2013 - 12:00pm

Internet analytics firm comScore has officially launched its new cross-platform reporting system "to provide a more complete view of an online property’s audience as people increasingly access the Web and other content on mobile devices," reports MediaPost.

ComScore's Media Metrix Multi-Platform reporting counts and combines audience from web sites, video and desktop apps, and mobile devices. It was first unveiled last November.

Among those "mobile-centric" publishers enjoying a nice measured-audience boost: Pandora, which saw its comScore audience rise 183% in February according to the new numbers. (Pandora, you'll remember, reported its Q4 mobile revenue was up 111%, growing faster than its mobile listening (up 70%). More in RAIN here.)

Until Media Metrix Mulit-Platform, comScore offered separate ratings for different platforms: the desktop-only Media Metrix top 50 Web properties, its Video Metrix, and Mobile Metrix ratings. MediaPost says Pandora's mobile audience made it something of a standout.

"With the exception of properties like Pandora, the ranking of the top sites remained similar to that when counting desktop-only traffic. The top five multiplatform sites in February -- Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon -- were the same ones as through the standard Media Metrix ratings in January."

Read more in MediaPost here.

Paul Maloney
March 27, 2013 - 3:05pm

BIA/Kelsey projects online ad revenue for radio will grow 10.8% annually over the next five year (while on-air ad revenues will grow only 2.5% a year), hitting $818 million by then. The group's new Investing in Radio Market Report is out today.

Radio earned $491 million online in ad revenues last year, accounting for just over three percent of total revenue (though markets like Boston earned as much as 14.2% online).

The RAB reported radio's Q4 2012 digital revenue at $206 million (up 11%), and overall 2012 digital revenue at $767 million (up 8%) (see RAIN here). BIA/Kelsey recently released its forecasts on local media ad spending (and the digital share thereof) (see RAIN here). The Pew Research center predicted satellite and online-only radio have an even brighter digital ad revenue upside (see RAIN here).

RAIN Summit West will feature two panels, "Profiting from Mobile" and "Jump Start Your Revenue," to examine trends and discuss strategy to maximize digital revenue. More info is here.

Read more about BIA/Kelsey's report today in NetNewsCheck.com here.

Paul Maloney
March 27, 2013 - 3:05pm

Early last month PC Magazine took SiriusXM's custom online streaming service, MySXM, for a spin (in RAIN here). IT World's Peter Smith gave it a try this week.

MySXM lets the listener customize the streams of 40 of its music channels using sliders to adjust the "style," "popularity," and "era." Note that there's no air talent presence with the custom streams, just music.

Smith loved the idea of being able to remove the disco from his 70s stream ("Now when I tune into "70's on 7" I get Creedence Clearwater Revival and Rolling Stones instead of Donna Summer and The Village People"). However, he bristled at the cost. It's $15/month if you don't have the satellite service, about $3.50/month if you do (based on various subscription packages).

"If you're someone who has a bunch of playlists or you don't mind fiddling with other streaming services then you might not find much here to convince you to switch," he writes. "But if you just want to turn on some music in the morning and have quality tunes streamed to your desk all day long with no input, check out a 7 day trial."

Read more in IT World here.

Paul Maloney
March 27, 2013 - 3:05pm

Radionomy is the Belgian-based platform for enthusiasts to create and stream their own online radio stations. Radionomy has just launched its new app for Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Station managers and listeners can access their accounts via the app, and the interface enables new and helpful ways of discovering listening options.

"We are very proud of what our team has done," said Radionomy VP/Business Development Thierry Ascarez. "The help from Microsoft was priceless and we thank them again for welcoming us into their program." Ascarez will take part in the "International Trends in Online Audio" panel at RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas on April 7.

Radionomy is one of the largest user-generated online radio networks in the world with more than 7,000 internet radio stations and more than 45 million listening hours each month. The company officially launched in the U.S. in September, and has offices in Brusells, Paris, and San Francisco.

The new app is available in the Windows Store here.