2/22/13: Abacast launches real time cloud-based ad-insertion for online and mobile audio

Paul Maloney
February 22, 2013 - 11:55am

ESPN Digital Audio is launching Abascast-powered "cloud-based ad-insertion," to target listeners of national broadcasts by device, location, age, and gender in real time.

An article in AdWeek reads, "Essentially, this means that during large radio broadcast events like last month's BCS Championship game, during which ESPN Radio hosted nearly 110,000 mobile audio streams, ESPN will be able to serve individual ads to each one of those listeners during live breaks."

The cloud-based ad-insertion can send different in-stream audio ads to different groups of listeners, like "all smartphone listeners," "all listeners in the top 20 DMAs that are on iPhones," "all male listeners in the 25-34 age range in a group of zip codes," "all listeners listening on the TuneIn player," and more.

ESPN Digital Audio senior manager Blair Cullen told Adweek: "It didn't make sense that we were targeting women with a lot of the ads that were running. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are going to get different ad breaks. You could be in the same car as your friend wearing different headsets, and you'll still be served a different ad than that person."

Last November (in RAIN here) Abacast announced it had been granted a "patent allowance" for "ad and song insertion." Earlier this month (in RAIN here) the company unveiled its "live stream song-skipping" technology.

Read more from AdWeek here. Abacast's press release is here.